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The Strawn Advocate is a monthly newsletter published by the Strawn Chamber of Commerce.   Past editions will be uploaded annually.  

For those former residents, Strawn Alum and fans of Strawn, you may subscribe and receive a mailed copy of the Advocate each month. To subscribe, we ask that you join the Chamber (and help support Strawn in the process).  Memberships are available for as little as $50 per year.  pdfView/print membership form.

Click on a file name below to open the newsletter issue you wish to read. A PDF reader is needed to view the file. Adobe's free PDF Reader is available at the following link:

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December 2013: pdfdecember_2013_advocate.pdf

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March 2013: pdfmarch_2013_advocate.pdf

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January 2013: pdfjanuary_2013_advocate.pdf

December 2012: pdfdecember 2012_advocate.pdf

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