The Development Corporation of Strawn (DCOS) is committed to assisting progressive, quality companies with relocation and expansion to the Strawn Area. The City of Strawn and Palo Pinto County both offer tax abatement programs based on the following criteria:

  • The number of jobs created
  • The average wage and the gross annual payroll generated
  • Capital investment
  • The amount of new taxes generated by the project

Local Incentives

We know that to compete in today's business world, businesses need access to various resources and capabilities. Strawn and Palo Pinto County offer access to a wide-range of such resources that can enhance your business success:

  • Easy access to Dallas-Fort Worth, one of the largest economic markets in the U.S.
  • Easy access to Abilene & West Texas
  • Access to a large, trained labor pool
  • Access to excellent schools and training programs
  • Access to public officials without lengthy bureaucratic delays
  • Access to one of the most unique living environments that includes beautiful Palo Pinto Mountains State Park, easy access to the Brazos River and Palo Pinto Lake, and the southern gateway to Possum Kingdom Lake.

Property Tax Abatements

Tax abatements are considered on a case-by-case basis. The city and county will give consideration to providing tax abatement on the increment in value added to a particular property by a specific development proposal which meets the economic goals of the city and/or county. Tax abatement will not be considered for projects which would be developed without such incentives unless it can be demonstrated that higher development standards or other development and community goals will be achieved through the use of the abatement.

Grants & Loans

Local Government Code provides very significant legislative authority for Texas municipalities and counties in the area of economic development. When a city/county wants to provide a grant or a loan of city/county funds or services in order to promote economic development, it generally cites its powers under Chapter 380/381. Cities/Counties have utilized the provisions under this law to provide a myriad of incentives that have drawn businesses and industries to locales throughout Texas. This statute basically allows the provision of loans and grants of city/county funds, as well as the use of staff, facilities, or services at minimal or no charge.


The DCOS works in close partnership with the local Texas Workforce Commission office and Weatherford College to help craft customized training programs for the labor needs of our businesses.


A vital part of the DCOS's strategy is to promote retail investment in the community. Strawn, Palo Pinto County, understands that retail development leads to new sales tax dollars as well as enhancements to the quality of life in the area. If you are interested in retail sites or information about Strawn, Palo Pinto County, please call the DCOS at (254) 672-5311. Please also review our list of retailers and businesses that are members of the Chamber of Commerce.