DCOS Projects

Hale Center Salsa Building

Palo Pinto Challenge: This property contained a burned-out building, which was an eyesore, safety and health threat. DCOS purchased the building and adjoining lots, remodeled the building completely and made it available for a very useful project. After an initial lease period, the building was sold to Palo Pinto Challenge (Hale Center Salsa) and in addition to providing jobs for mentally and physically challenged adults, it has become a beautiful addition to the city.

In 2001, Barbara Cranfill started Palo Pinto Challenge to fill a need.  The need was job and life skills training for physically and mentally challenged adults.  The tool used to teach these skills is the production, sales and distribution of Hale Center Salsa.  This building became their home base.  On April 13, 2015, Palo Pinto Challenge finished paying off their loan to the DCOS.  Finis Butler, retired executive director of the DCOS, stated “this is one project we have really been proud of."

Congrats to the fine folks at Palo Pinto Challenge.  We are proud of you!


Dollar Store Building

109 West Housley Street, Strawn, Texas.

This property was vacant and un-usable. The front in disrepair and unpainted, and the awning almost falling in. DCOS purchased the building, remodeled the inside, gave it a new roof and awning, cleaned out the upstairs (eliminating pigeon filth and health hazard), and replaced all the broken windows. This building now houses to businesses.